Norland Managed Services

Introductory message

You are now about to complete the Norland 360 questionnaire. This has been designed to allow feedback to be gathered about an individual from a range of people which may include direct reports, colleagues,  senior staff and the line manager.  It has been built around the Norland behaviours.

When answering the questions it is recommended that you do not dwell too long on any one question but answer with your honest opinion. Consider each question in a work context.

Once all respondants have completed the questionnaire, a report will be generated. In the report individual respondants will not be indentified but instead catagorised into groups such as collegues, direct reports, seniors and line manager.

This questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and should be completed in one sitting.

More information about the Norland 360 can be found in the Norland 360 user guide which is on MyNorland or by requesting a copy from your HR Manager.